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Computer Insurance

Whatever the size of your business it is likely that computers are an essential business tool allowing you to work faster and smarter. Often covered as part of general office contents; wider cover can be obtained by arranging separate Computer insurance policy. Computers have now become an essential part of most office environments and can be taken for granted. However, if they are damaged, stolen or breakdown, their absence soon makes itself felt.

A Computer Insurance Policy will provide for the repair or replacement of equipment following loss or damage but, additionally, cover is also usually provided for the additional cost of working  including following  a breakdown of the equipment, interruption of electricity or telecommunication services. Such additional costs could include overtime working, hire of alternative equipment, or outsourcing. Data is just as important, if not more important, as the hardware.

The Policy will usually include cover for the costs involved in reinstating data and can also include loss resulting from a virus or hacking. Laptop or portable equipment can be catered for away from the office with cover available anywhere in UK, Europe or Worldwide.

Cover does differ from insurer to insurer but Gibbs Denley’s commercial insurance experience will enable us to recommend the solution which is the most suitable for your needs.

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