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Farm Insurance

Whether your farm is arable, livestock or mixed a Farm Combined policy will meet your needs, allowing you to select from a wide range of covers to suit your requirements, including those below. Gibbs Denley can support you with advice and cost options to ensure you get a policy that is perfect for you.

Livestock Insurance

Livestock can be lost due to fire and other standard perils but additionally can suffer electrocution, disease, fatal injury or be lost due to theft. Cover can include compensation for the loss of the animal and can also include vet’s fees following injury or disease.

Buildings and Equipment cover

Whether you’re a smallholding or a commercial farm, we can provide cover you need for your buildings, stock, produce, fertilizer, chemicals, machinery, portable tools, and other essential equipment.

Household Buildings and Contents

If your accommodation is the farmhouse or if you have a portfolio of rented properties, the cost-effective means of arranging cover is to include them in your overall Farm Combined Policy. This keeps everything neatly together in the one document with one renewal date.

Loss of Revenue

Adequate cover on Produce, following loss or damage, protects your income for the current year. However, damage to buildings and plant can also result in interruption to your business and can have a longer-lasting effect. Loss of Revenue cover is available as an alternative and would protect your business as a whole making it unnecessary to separately insure Produce.  Typically cover would be provided for up to a 3-year period. The increased cost of hiring replacement plant, such as a combine harvester, can also be included.

Public and Employers’ liability

Farm equipment can present a real danger to members of the public on your premises or elsewhere whilst carrying out agricultural contracting. Other activities such as arranging shoots or offering fishing rights can also result in liabilities being incurred. Unfortunately, fatalities are not uncommon which makes Public Liability insurance essential. Employers Liability insurance is compulsory if you have employees.

Environmental Liability

If you accidentally contaminate soil or water on your land or the surrounding land you are liable for the clean-up costs, which is where cover for Environmental Liability can help.


You will be aware of the devastation that can be caused to growing crops by hail. Fortunately, cover is available with the premium being variable depending on the type of crop, the acreage, the yield and anticipated price per ton.

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