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Marine Cargo Insurance

If you import or export goods the chances are you will need Marine Cargo Insurance. Unless the supplier of the goods has agreed to be responsible for loss or damage for the whole journey including delivery to your premises, you will need to arrange your own cover, if a large financial loss is to be avoided.

It may be that goods are “shipped” by a carrier and subject to their conditions of carriage which include liability for loss or damage. However, such loss is usually limited to the carriers negligence only and also by an amount per ton (not very helpful if you are sending computers or electronic equipment). Cover may be offered for “All Risks” by the carrier at extra cost. However, remember that such cost will be based on their previous claims experience and not yours. At Gibbs Denley we believe that you will be best served by having your own policy, from which you will benefit from your own good claims record. In this way you can ensure that you are adequately covered at competitive cost.

The cost of the insurance will depend on the nature of the goods, how they are packed and transported and the territories involved. Further considerations are the division of responsibilities between the seller and the purchaser and the conditions of carriage. The technicalities can be complicated but Gibbs Denley’s experience will allow us to offer the right policy for you.

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