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Personal Accident Insurance & Sickness Insurance

Illness and accidents are indiscriminate in who they affect. You never know what lies ahead, but the security offered by Personal Accident Insurance and Sickness Insurance arranged by Gibbs Denley can ease financial worry in the absence of a regular salary.

Personal Accident and Sickness insurance can range from a couple of months to a couple of years.

While a Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance policy can be very flexible in the level of cover it can provide, examples of feature in a typical policy can include

  • A lump payment for an accidental injury that has resulted in loss of limbs, speech, sight, hearing, ability to work or death.
  • A weekly benefit if you are unable to work following an accident – normally for up to two years.
  • A weekly payment applicable after just one or two week’s excess period.
  • A sum between 50 – 75% of your average gross weekly wage.

If you’re self employed or not covered for accident or sickness by your employer, Personal Accident or Sickness Insurance can provide a vital safety net. Contact us today for full details.

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